Mike Beever has been recording & mixing music for over 25 years and in that time has produced EPs for Coldplay, composed music for Electronics giant SONY and reached millions of people through music for TV advertisements.

My aim is to deliver your material sounding great on all systems-something mastering can achieve and to get the very most out of your mixes. I use state of the art plug ins as well as the very best near-field monitoring in the world.


: EP
Producer, Engineer
Tiny Too: LP Producer, Engineer
Fierce Panda Records: Resident Producer, Engineer
Sony Inc: Video Composer
Extreme Music Ltd: Composer Music For Cinema & TV
Bigg Music Ltd: Remix Production, Mix & Mastering
Phil Stoodley: LP Produce, Mix & Mastering
A.A Sitnikoff: EP Produce, Mix & Mastering
Come Down Kid: EP Mastering
Brendan Boyd: LP Mastering
Michel Serp: LP Mastering
Brilliant Fish: LP Mastering
Sonar: EP Mastering
Leo Di Gennaro: EP Mastering
John Irwin: Film Sound and editing

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Cost for single track master:  

US $35, UK £25, EU €30

Cost for album track master:

, UK £15, €20
(based on album of 6 or more tracks)

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Want to hear what can be achieved?
Send me your mix-down and I will send you a fully mastered sample section so you can hear the difference.
No payment upfront required.
Wav, Aiff 16, 24 or 32 bit.

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(Please allow 36 hours for return master sample)